Where is Nitro?

  • Short answer: **Inaccessible

  • Long answer: Discord's API does not allow me to receive the Nitro status of an user. The requested user would have to authorize Discord.ID (Oauth2, like when you add a Bot) in order to get the information.

The Early Supporter badge is shown on discord.id if the user had Nitro before October 10th, 2018.

Will there be a way to track users in a server?

  • No. This is not supported by Discord and also against a core value of mine: Privacy.

Will there be a way to get details such as Server Logo, Server Icon?

  • No. Beside some technical impossiblities, it's not what discord.id should be about.

Will there be a way to lookup users by username?

  • No. This is technically not possible nor supported by Discord.

  • Yes. Use it and don't try to use discord.id as an API.

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